Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Much Needed Update

Still doing some cakes on the side, but not as much as I was... plus I'm not in classes anymore, so I don't have weekly cakes. I ended up getting a full time management position at a bakery and didn't have much time on the side for my own cakes. I'm no longer at the bakery, but now we are expecting our first child! That has taken over a lot of my concentration as I am preparing for that, but I try to do some on the side. I have a TON of pictures for the blog, so I won't overwhelm you with all of them. Just a few for now...

Today I will dedicate to showers... baby and bridal 

Elephant themed baby shower

Soccer/Sports themed baby shower

 Diaper Shower Cupcakes

 Bridal Shower

 Bridal Shower Cake

 Jungle Themed Baby Shower Cupcakes

Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal/Bachelorette 

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